Last home match of the season

Sophomores honored at the last home match of the season.

Natasha Nation

On future plans: "I plan to receive my doctorate and become a psychiatrist, so I can make a positive impact on the mental health of our society."
On favorite Clipper memory: "After trying out, meeting the team and instantly bonding with everyone. It was amazing to feel accepted right away from the team and coaches."
On proudest accomplishment: "Maintaing over a 3.5 GPA while continuing to grow as a volleyball player."
Advice to future players: "You may think it is hard during the season, but the hardest part is when it's over."

Mikayla Collins

On future plans: "I plan to pursue a career in the veterinary field."
On favorite Clipper memory: "THE PIT DRILL. The first time we did this drill I turned to one of my teammates and said 'this is going to be fun'. And it was, because going after every ball 120% is what I live for."
On proudest accomplishment: "Being part of Tusa, Ti'Ana and Cheyenne's first college team because I KNOW they are going to make BIG things happen."
Advice to future players: "Leave it all on the court."

Alexis Sharp

On future plans: "Transfer to a four year to get a masters in social work."
On favorite Clipper memory: "Meeting some of my lifelong friends. Also, van rides with teammates."
On proudest accomplishment: "Making it this far with school and athletics."
Advice to future players: "Keep grinding and stay focused on your goals."